This second edition of Jesus and the Gospels prepares readers for an intensive study of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the events they narrate. Craig Blomberg considers the historical context of the Gospels and sheds light on the confusing interpretations brought forth over the last two centuries. The original 1997 book won a Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and this updated version, factoring in new scholarship, debate, critical methods, and the ongoing quest of the historical Jesus, ensures the work will remain a top tool for exploring the life of Christ through the first four books of the New Testament.

Part One: Historical Background for Studying the Gospels
1. Political Background
2. Religious Background
3. Socioeconomic Background
Part Two: Critical Methods for Studying the Gospels
4. Historical Criticism of the Gospels
5. Literary Criticism of the Gospels
Part Three: Introduction to the Four Gospels
6. The Gospel of Mark
7. The Gospel of Matthew
8. The Gospel of Luke
9. The Gospel of John
Part Four: A Survey of the Life of Christ
10. The Historical Jesus
11. The Birth and Childhood of Jesus
12. The Beginnings of Jesus’ Ministry
13. Jesus’ Galilean Ministry—Earlier Stages
14. Jesus’ Galilean Ministry—Later Stages
15. Additional Teachings of Jesus in Matthew, Luke, and John
16. Jesus’ Judean Ministry
17. Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection
Part Five: Historical and Theological Syntheses
18. The Historical Trustworthiness of the Gospels
19. The Theology of Jesus


Craig L. Blomberg

Craig L. Blomberg is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland. His previous books include Jesus and the Gospels and the New American Commentary volume on the book of Matthew.


There is no more important subject than 'Jesus and the Gospels' and no obvious rival to Blomberg's book for those wanting an introduction to the subject which is wide-ranging and up-to-date, scholarly and accessible, conservative and intelligent.

—David Wenham, Tutor in New Testament, Trinity College (Bristol, England)

Jesus and the Gospels

An Introduction and Survey, Second Edition
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Jesus and the Gospels

An Introduction and Survey, Second Edition
List Price: $39.99
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