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The Hobbs College Library equips Christians with tools for growing in the faith and for effective ministry. The library trains its readers in three major areas: Bible, theology, and ministry. The series originates from the Herschel H. Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry at Oklahoma Baptist University, where biblical, orthodox, and practical education lies at its core. Training the next generation was important for the great Baptist statesman Dr. Herschel H. Hobbs, and the Hobbs College that bears his name fosters that same vision. 

Commendations for Hobbs College Library Series

"Dr. Thomas has assembled an impressive host of contributors for a new set of resources that will equip leaders at all levels who want to leave a lasting impact for the gospel."

J.D. Greear

pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, NC, and president, the Southern Baptist Convention

"This series is a must have, go-to resource for everyone who is serious about Bible study, teaching, and preaching. The authors are committed to the authority of the Bible and the vitality of the local church."

Hance Dilbeck

executive director, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

"The Hobbs College Library is a perfect way to help people who want to grow in the basics of their faith. Whether you are a layperson or a longtime pastor, this tool will help give you the theological base needed for ministry today."

Jack Graham

pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, and former SBC president

The Hobbs College Library: Biblical. Orthodox. Practical.

Dr. Heath Thomas was installed as Dean of the Hobbs College for Theology and Ministry in December 2015. He also serves as Associate Vice President for Church Relations and Professor of Old Testament at OBU. Prior to arriving at Oklahoma Baptist University, Dr. Thomas served as Director of Ph.D. Studies and Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

An OBU graduate (1998), Dr. Thomas also holds degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the University of Gloucestershire (UK). Dr. Thomas has served on staff at churches in Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, and in the United Kingdom. Passionate about opening up the Scriptures for today, he preaches and teaches regularly, and serves as interim pastor when he is able. Dr. Thomas is married to Jill and they have four children (Harrison, Isabelle, Simon, and Sophia). They reside in the Shawnee area with their magnificent Weimaraner, Smoky.

About the Editor

Heath Thomas

Who the Holy Spirit is determines what the Holy Spirit does.

Who is the Holy Spirit? aims to help people see who the Holy Spirit is through Scripture’s description of him, offering biblical insights into the identity of the third person of the Trinity. With consideration for the Spirit’s identity derived from both Old and New Testament accounts, author Malcolm B. Yarnell focuses on identifying characteristics of the person of the Holy Spirit himself, rather than discussing the work of the Spirit solely in the context of salvation and sanctification, or external signs and wonders.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Biblical Insights into His Divine Person

by Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Malcolm B. Yarnell III is research professor of systematic theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Praise for Who Is the Holy Spirit?


Malcolm Yarnell is perhaps the greatest living Baptist theologian, and Who Is the Holy Spirit? is among the best of his writings. 

Bruce Ashford

provost and dean of faculty,

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


In reading these pages you will not simply have your mind sharpened, you will also have your heart formed as you consider God the Holy Spirit.

J.T. English

pastor of training, 

The Village Church Institute, 

The Village Church, Flower Mound, TX


Malcolm Yarnell is one of the outstanding voices in Baptist scholarship today, both a careful thinker and a faithful teacher. Who Is the Holy Spirit? is richly biblical and thoughtful, and yet concise—a very rare achievement.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The field of youth ministry is often driven by fads and trends. Leaders attempt to reach students by chasing the ever-changing tides of teenage culture, but their heartfelt and painstaking efforts are often met with a lack of authentic spiritual transformation. Student Ministry by the Book addresses these and other common missteps by providing a biblical philosophy and practical guide for youth ministry. Student pastors, youth leaders, and parents of teens will all benefit from this thoroughly biblical and practical approach, designed as a handbook for starting, strengthening, and sustaining a youth ministry in the local church. 

Student Ministry by the Book

Biblical Foundations of Student Ministry

by Ed Newton and R. Scott Pace

Ed Newton is the lead pastor of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX.

R. Scott Pace is associate professor of preaching and pastoral ministry and associate director for the Center of Preaching and Pastoral Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

"If you want to be more than an activities director and begin to build student disciples, this is the place to start."

Andy Harrison

student ministries specialist and Falls Creek program director, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Praise for Student Ministry by the Book

"This is a book that is just as beneficial to a parent as it is to a youth pastor. I can't wait to give copies to the student ministry team at our church!"

Brent Crowe

vice president, 

Student Leadership University

"You and your ministry will be encouraged and equipped with this much needed biblical philosophy and practical guide for youth ministry."

J. Roger Davis



Preaching is a sacred privilege that God has graciously entrusted to us as servants of Christ and as stewards of the gospel. Preaching by the Book is a practical handbook offering fundamental guidance for preachers beginning to explore their gifts, and fresh insights for seasoned veterans desiring to refine their craft. R. Scott Pace challenges preachers to develop both style and substance by considering their unique personality and gifts, the work of the Spirit, and the particular audience on a given occasion. 

Preaching by the Book

Developing and Delivering Text-Driven Sermons

by R. Scott Pace

R. Scott Pace is associate professor of preaching and pastoral ministry and associate director for the Center of Preaching and Pastoral Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Although the Bible contains sixty-six books written by forty authors, it is one book written by one author, the Holy Spirit, with one subject: Jesus Christ. How do these books, from Genesis to Revelation, fit together? The Story of Scripture guides the reader through the four major themes of the Bible—Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation—showing how each individual book of the Bible tells a cohesive story centered on Jesus.  

The Story of Scripture

An Introduction to Biblical Theology

by Matthew Y. Emerson

Matthew Y. Emerson is associate professor of religion and holds the Dickinson Chair of Religion at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK. 

Praise for The Story of Scripture


I believe it's a sign of spiritual health that so many evangelicals have become interested in biblical theology. You hold in your hand the best brief introduction to the discipline.

Nathan A. Finn

provost and dean of the university faculty, North Greenville University


The Story of Scripture is thoroughly biblical and immensely helpful, showing how all the parts of the redemptive narrative point to Jesus. 

Matt Boswell

hymn writer; founder, Doxology and Theology; pastor of ministries and worship, Providence Church, Frisco, TX


 This first volume is an insightful, solid, faithful, and edifying introduction to the biblical story and biblical theology. It will strengthen pastors, students, and church leaders alike.

Christopher W. Morgan

dean of the School of Christian Ministries and professor of theology, California Baptist University

Upcoming Publications

by R. Scott Pace

Available July, 2020

Hearing the Call

by Edgar Aponte

Available August, 2020

Who is the God the Father?









Hobbs College Library Series

Whether you are a seasoned church leader or a beginner in the faith, the Hobbs College Library series will work to strengthen your knowledge of God and his Word, and will train you to minister according to his ways. 

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