From Pentecost to Patmos is professor Craig L. Blomberg’s follow-up companion to his 1998 ECPA Gold Medallion Award-winning book, Jesus and the Gospels. In the same style as that first acclaimed and widely used volume, the author goes deep into the biblical writings of Acts through Revelation, helping serious Bible students to better understand the historical, linguistic, and theological significances found in each book.

Part One: The Acts of the Apostles
1. Acts: The Gospel Moves Out

Part Two: Paul And His Letters
2. Paul: Life and Ministry
3. Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty
4. The Thessalonian Correspondence: A Balanced View of Christ’s Return 1 Thessalonians: Christ Is Coming Soon 2 Thessalonians: But Not That Soon!
5. The Corinthian Correspondence: Countering Misguided Views about Christian Maturity
1 Corinthians: Internal Immaturity and External Hellenizing Threats 2 Corinthians: Increasing Maturity but Infiltrating Judaizing Threats
6. Romans: The Most Systematic Exposition of Paul’s Gospel
7. The Prison Epistles: General Introduction Philemon: A Christian Response to Slavery Colossians: Christ as Lord of the Cosmos and the Church
Ephesians: Unity in Diversity as a Witness to the “Powers” Philippians: Rejoice in All Circumstances
8. The Pastoral Epistles: General Introduction Titus: A Manual on Church Order 1 Timothy: How to Pastor a Church and Turn It Away from Heresy
2 Timothy: Pass It On

Part Three: Other New Testament Writings
9. The Epistle of James: “Faith Without Works Is Dead”
10. The Epistle to the Hebrews: The Superiority of Christ
11. 1 Peter: Perseverance Despite Persecution
12. The Epistle of Jude: “Contend for the Faith”
13. 2 Peter: “Where Is the Promise of His Coming?”
14. The Epistles of John: The Tests of Life 1 John: Countering the Secessionists 2 John: The Secessionists Attack from Outside 3 John: The Secessionists Take Over Inside?
15. The Book of Revelation: God’s Plans for Cosmic History


Craig L. Blomberg

Craig L. Blomberg is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland. His previous books include Jesus and the Gospels and the New American Commentary volume on the book of Matthew.


My goal is for readers to come to better understand first-century Christianity, the literature it produced that came to be treated as uniquely sacred, and through it a better appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ, worshiped by this fledgling church, often in hostile circumstances and facing difficulties remarkably similar to those the church faces today throughout the world.

—Dr. Craig L. Blomberg, author

From Pentecost to Patmos

An Introduction to Acts through Revelation
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From Pentecost to Patmos

An Introduction to Acts through Revelation
List Price: $39.99
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