Is the Trinity biblical? Is it necessary to affirm God as three persons in one being?  Despite a renewed interest in the Trinity in recent years, many Christians, including most evangelicals, either relegate the Son of God to creaturely status or repudiate the personhood of the Holy Spirit. In addition, numerous scholars affirm that the doctrine of the Trinity is not clearly revealed in Scripture. Is the Trinity merely a philosophical construction, or is it essential to orthodox Christianity? Drawing on hermeneutics and biblical and historical theology, Malcolm Yarnell crafts a careful and clear response to these issues through exegesis of pivotal texts from both testaments. He meticulously examines the foundational Hebrew confession known as the Shema, Matthew’s great commission, the divine relations in the Gospel of John, Paul’s Corinthian benediction, the opening hymn of Ephesians, and the throne room vision of the Apocalypse. Also considered are the relationships of language to revelation and history to metaphysics, along with recent appeals to recover patristic exegesis and the Christian imagination. He also challenges the reader to discern the implications of the Trinity for personal salvation as well as corporate worship.


Malcolm B. Yarnell

Malcolm B. Yarnell III is professor of Systematic Theology, director of the Oxford Study Program, and director of the Center for Theological Research at Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.


This book engages the Bible's Trinitarian idiom creatively and summons evangelical theologians and Bible scholars to join in the joyful work of learning to discern just how deeply and directly God the Trinity has spoken in Scripture.

—Fred Sanders, professor of theology, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University

Is the doctrine of the Trinity biblical? Malcolm Yarnell sets out to explore this important question in this immensely learned yet eminently accessible volume. His study is a model of scholarship: deeply grounded in biblical teaching and expertly synthesizing the scriptural data into a coherent whole. Highly recommended!

—Andreas J. Kӧstenberger, senior research professor of New Testament and biblical theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Malcolm Yarnell's contribution to the recent renaissance of Trinitarian theology is most welcome….God the Trinity combines a Baptist commitment to biblical authority with literary sensitivity, imagination, an openness to premodern patterns of interpretation, and a little art history to boot. What's not to like?

—Kevin J. Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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