Thoroughly updated and revised—with half of the chapters new to the second edition—Missiology equips the reader with a vast resource on contemporary missions. This graduate-level introduction is divided into five sections (Introduction to the Study of Missiology, Biblical Basis of Missions, Theology of Missions, and Applied Missiology) and offers essays on modern missions issues and methods such as contextualization, spiritual warfare, and orality, as well as chapters on major world religions and cults in North America.

A retired missionary and long-time professor of missions, editor John Mark Terry enlists a wide range of evangelical authors, most with significant experience in international or North American missions. Pastors will find helpful information on church planting in North America and on developing a missions-minded church. Students will benefit from the chapters on understanding the call to missions and the current status of world evangelization. All readers will profit from a valuable one-volume reference work on missions.


Section One: Introduction to the Study of Missions
1. An Overview of Missiology (Justice Anderson)
2. The Purpose of Missions (Gerald D. Wright)
3. Missiological Method (Bruce Ashford and Scott Bridger)

Section Two: The Biblical Basis of Missions
4. Mission in the Old Testament (Christopher J. H. Wright)
5. Mission in the Gospels (Andreas J. Köstenberger)
6. Missions in the Apostolic Church (Eckhard Schnabel)

Section Three: The Theology of Missions
7. The Missionary Mandate of God’s Nature (John Massey)
8. The Missional Church (Ed Stetzer)
9. The Missionary Motivation of God’s Salvation (Danny Akin and Keith Whitfield)
10. The State of the Unevangelized and Its Missionary Implications (Millard J. Erickson)

Section Four: The History of Missions
11. The History of Missions in the Early Church (John Mark Terry)
12. Medieval and Renaissance Missions (500 1792) (Justice Anderson)
13. The Great Century and Beyond (1792 1910) (Justice Anderson)
14. The History of Missions in North America (Charles L. Chaney)
15. Missions in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries (R. Alton James)

Section Five: Applied Missiology
16. Culture: The Milieu of Missions (Ebbie Smith)
17. Cross-Cultural Communication (Grant Lovejoy)
18. The Indigenous Church Question (Keith E. Eitel)
19. Contextualization and the Missionary Endeavor (Daniel R. Sanchez)
20. Missionary Call and Service (M. David Sills)
21. Traditional Religions: Primal Religiosity and Mission Dynamics (Keith E. Eitel)
22. Eastern Religions (Kyle Faircloth)
23. Understanding Islam (Zane Pratt)
24. Contemporary Cults (R. Philip Roberts)
25. Christian Theology of Religions (Keith Johnson)
26. Introduction to the Strategy and Methods of Missions (Ebbie Smith)
27. Missions in North America (J. D. Payne)
28. Strategies for Starting Churches (Daniel R. Sanchez)
29. Women in Missions (Gloria Furman)
30. Ecclesiology and Missions (Benjamin Merkle)
31. Human Needs Ministries (Jeffrey Palmer)
32. Leadership Development in Missions Settings (Robert Ferris)
33. Urban Missions (Wilbur Stone)
34. Business as Mission (Michael Lam)
35. Strategies for Ethnic Ministries (Jose A. Hernandez)
36. Spiritual Formation and Missions (Thomas Elliff)
37. Christianity in China (Lisa Hoff)
38. The Missionary Family (Philip Pinckard)
39. Spiritual Warfare and Missions (Charles Lawless)
40. Missions in the Local Church (J. D. Greear and Michael McDaniel)
41. World Christianity (Keith Eitel)
42. Finishing the Task (Jeffrey Brawner)


John Mark Terry

John Mark Terry is Professor of Missions at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. He served with the International Mission Board for twenty-four years in South-east Asia. He is the co-author (with J. D. Payne) of Developing a Strategy for Missions (Baker, 2013) and the co-editor (with Robert L. Plummer) of Paul’s Missionary Methods (InterVarsity, 2012).


Missiologist John Mark Terry has performed a great service for the whole church by editing and updating Missiology: An Introduction... This book helps to unravel the complexities of contemporary missiology in ways that enable evangelicals to rediscover biblical mission and, when necessary, refocus and redirect their missionary efforts. It deserves a wide and careful reading.

—David Hesselgrave, Professor Emeritus of Missions, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


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