The Essence of the Old Testament surveys the books from Genesis to Malachi. Based on thirty years of scholarly research and classroom teaching, a team of biblical scholars from Liberty University provides a practical, readable, and insightful introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures in canonical order.

This uniquely illustrated, full-color volume features book introductions, background studies, outlines, surveys, theological concepts, practical applications, study questions, and helpful Hebrew word studies for English readers.

Editors Ed Hindson and Gary Yates draw from a lifetime of teaching to provide a well tested and proven Old Testament overview written at the collegiate level, yet appropriate for pastors, scholars, and laymen alike. They represent the finest evangelical scholarship along with a passion to open windows of spiritual and practical insight into the biblical text.

This exciting new survey of the Scriptures highlights the key elements of the Hebrew literature of the Law, the Prophets, and the Poets of the Old Testament. The history, archaeology, and wisdom of the biblical world are revealed with an eye on the application of their moral principles, theological insights, and practical application to today’s world.

1. Introduction: The Essence of the Old Testament
2. The Old Testament World: Real People, Real Places
3. Archaeology and the Old Testament:Digging Up the Past
4. The Canon and Text of the Old Testament: Where Did It Come From?
5. The Pentateuch
6. Genesis: The Beginning
7. Exodus: Exit from Egypt
8. Leviticus: Way of Holiness
9. Numbers: Wilderness Journey
10. Deuteronomy: Covenant Renewal
11. The Historical Books
12. Joshua: The Conquest
13. Judges: The Struggle
14. Ruth: Ray of Hope
15. 1–2 Samuel: Kings and Prophets
16. 1–2 Kings: Kings of Israel and Judah
17. 1–2 Chronicles: Priestly Perspective
18. Ezra: Rebuilding the Temple
19. Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Wall
20. Esther: Rescuing the People
21. The Poetic Books
22. Job: Questions of Su ering
23. Psalms: Songs of Praise
24. Proverbs: Words of Wisdom
25. Ecclesiastes: Meaning of Life
26. The Song of Songs: Songs of Love
27. Major Prophets
28. Isaiah: God Is with Us
29. Jeremiah: The Babylonians Are Coming
30. Lamentations: Jerusalem Is Burning
31. Ezekiel: The Glory Will Return
32. Daniel: The Messiah Will Come
33. Minor Prophets
34. Hosea: God’s Unquenchable Love
35. Joel: Day of the Lord
36. Amos: God’s Ultimate Justice
37. Obadiah: Doom of Edom
38. Jonah: God’s Universal Concern
39. Micah: Divine Lawsuit
40. Nahum: Destruction of Nineveh
41. Habakkuk: Destruction of Babylon
42. Zephaniah: Disaster Is Imminent
43. Haggai: Rebuild the Temple
44. Zechariah: Restore the King
45. Malachi: Repent of Sin


Ed Hindson

Edward E. Hindson, D. Litt. Et Phil. (South Africa); FIBA (Cambridge), is the distinguished professor of Religion and Biblical Studies at Liberty University in Virginia.

Gary Yates

Gary Yates is associate professor of Old Testament at Liberty University.

The Essence of the Old Testament

A Survey
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The Essence of the Old Testament

A Survey
List Price: $44.99
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