The Great Commission

by Martin Klauber, Scott M. Manetsch, Erwin Lutzer, D. Carson, Glenn Sunshine, Jon Hinkson, Timothy George, Brad Gundlach, Randall Balmer, Tom Nettles, Daniel Salinas

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Evangelicals and the History of World Missions

A unique book that focuses exclusively on the history of evangelical cross-cultural missions from the eighteenth century through today, The Great Commission will interest anyone who is passionate about the spreading of God’s Word.


The Great Commission provides a substantial historical survey of evangelical missions courtesy of eleven different authors, each one a prominent evangelical church historian and theologian who has written extensively on the history of Christianity and the greater mission of the church.Readers will learn the origins and development of modern evangelical missionaryactivity, what led to the globalization of the Evangelical movement, and the finer points of the movement’s successes, failures, and future imperatives.Sections include Early Modern Europe (“The Protestant Reformation,” “Puritanism and Pietism,” “The Evangelical Revival”), Modern America (“Early American Missions,” “Twentieth Century American Missions,” “The Baptist Contribution”), and The Majority Church (“Latin America,” “Asia,” “Africa”).

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