Evangelism the Way You Were Born To Do It

​How do you start meaningful conversations about your relationship with Jesus Christ? God gives you daily opportunities to share His love with others. You don't have to look hard to take advantage of the right moments to help other people find the love and joy of Jesus in their lives. Do you feel nervous about the thought of talking to others about your faith? In Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out, you'll learn how to incorporate biblical stories into conversations with the people in your life. You already have the gifts necessary to share God's love with other people. You don’t need a memorized evangelism script or a tract handy. Simply relax, tell your story, and you might be amazed at how natural it can be to share Jesus.

Praise for Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out

D.A. Horton

​Pastor of Reach Fellowship and chief evangelist for Urban Youth Workers Institute

​"Doc Reid’s passion to see souls know Jesus is evident. He has dedicated decades of his walk with Christ toward the diligent work of evangelism. Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out is simply Doc’s way of preaching what he practices.This text will enrich your walk, serve as a practical manual for those you teach, as well as mobilize saints from all walks of life to share the good news of the gospel we’ve been privileged to steward."

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Author of Out of the Saltshaker, Into the World

"Here is an extremely approachable and, at times, light-hearted approach to a deadly serious subject: telling others about your love for Christ without fear. I have given my life to the idea of one person lovingly and effectively telling another about the joy of walking with Jesus, and in this book, Alvin Reid does a superb job of helping you learn how to share your faith effectively. Fearlessly. I enthusiastically commend it to you."

Ed Stetzer

Billy Graham Distinguished Chair for Church, Mission, and Evangelism and executive director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College

​"Let’s face it: most Christians are freaked out when it comes to evangelism. We don’t need someone scolding the ineffectiveness of the church today as much as a leader to show a fresh, effective way to tell the timeless good news. My friend Alvin Reid does just that in this encouraging book. You can have real and effective conversations with people about Jesus; Alvin will show you how."

Meet Alvin “Doc” Reid

Author, Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out

Follow Doc:

Alvin L. “Doc” Reid (born 1959) serves as Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he has been since 1995. He is also the founding Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism. Alvin and his wife Michelle have two married children: Joshua and his wife Jacqueline, and Hannah and her husband Corey. Hannah and Corey recently welcomed Doc’s first grandchild, Lincoln James.

Originally from Alabama, Alvin holds the M.Div and the Ph.D from Southwestern Seminary and the B.A. from Samford University. He serves as Pastor of the Young Professionals Ministry at his local church, the Richland Creek Community Church in Wake Forest. Alvin has spoken at a variety of conferences in almost every state and on four continents, including over 2000 churches, colleges, conferences and events across the United States and globally. He has written extensively on evangelism, missional Christianity, spiritual awakening, and student ministry.

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Bring Alvin Reid to Your Church, Seminary, Conference, or Event

So you have read the book, and now you are ready to share these teachings with your church, organization, or classroom. Invite Doc Reid to lead your group through an interactive experience with the lessons presented in Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out. You’ll be inspired and challenged by Doc’s engaging style, leaving everyone encouraged and equipped to go out and share Jesus.

Choose from one of these six formats, depending on the needs of your group. Then use the form below to schedule a time with Doc Reid.

Staff Training Weekend

A Friday-Saturday training for staff and key leaders/laity at your church. Includes hands-on training “in the field” on Saturday. This event is ideal for youth and adults to experience together.

Leadership Retreat

Get your church or organization’s staff and key leaders off-site for a Friday-Saturday Leadership Retreat. This would be similar to the Staff Training Weekend, but would be more of a retreat setting and off campus.

Weekend Church Training

While Sunday availability is limited in Doc’s schedule, there are a few openings for Doc to speak to your entire church for a Saturday-Sunday teaching. This includes specific focus on various age groups.

Sunday Full Day Teaching

If you are getting ready to introduce this book to your congregation, invite Doc to a full Sunday of interactive teaching to kick off your study. (Sunday availability is limited.)

Convention Speaking

Are you planning a local or national conference for pastors, church leaders, or ministry leaders? Doc Reid is available for speaking engagements, either as a keynote speaker or breakout session speaker.

Kick-off Rally

If you are a college campus or parachurch ministry leader ready to study Sharing Jesus with your small group, plan a kick-off rally! Then invite Doc to speak at the rally to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the study.

Watch Alvin Teach All Eight Chapters of Sharing Jesus

Have you ever felt like you had to be a superstar Christian or a clever communicator to lead others to Jesus? Maybe the thought of speaking up for your faith leaves you feeling panicky and weak-kneed. So many people feel that way, but Doc Reid is here to help you find how God wired you—and how to be a living, loving witness without morphing into a person you were never meant to be.

Join the 8-Week Challenge!

Ready to amp up your experience sharing Jesus? Grab a copy of the book, then join Alvin Reid in an 8-week virtual course. You’ll get one email a week inviting you to go deeper in your understanding and experience of Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out.

These short, weekly segments were created for busy folks. In a few minutes each day—whether first thing in the morning, over lunch, or after the kids are in bed—you can walk through the practical steps that will help you learn how to share Christ and to do it on a regular basis.​

Sharing Jesus In Action

Ever wondered just how Doc does it? Check out these videos for some in-action coffee shop talk of Doc sharing Jesus. This just might give you the inspiration you need to try it for yourself!

Tell Us Your Story

What are your greatest fears surrounding personal evangelism? What did you learn from the book or 8-week course? We want to hear your stories!



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