Sharing Jesus Teaching Videos with Alvin Reid

These eight teaching videos correspond to the eight principles shared in Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out. Doc Alvin Reid presents these lessons as a way for individuals, small groups, and seminary classrooms to interact with the teaching and principles in this book. Use these videos to get the most benefit from your study of Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out!

SESSION 1—Spread the Word: Don’t Overcomplicate It

Principle 1: God created you for his glory, to advance his gospel with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave to you.

SESSION 2—God Is Not Mad at You: Understanding the Message

Principle 2: In order to share Jesus confidently and consistently with others, first share him confidently and consistently with yourself.

SESSION 3—It’s Easier than You Think: Conversations,Not Presentations

Principle 3: Shifting from giving an evangelistic presentation to having an evangelistic conversation takes pressure off the witness and relates the gospel more clearly to an unbeliever.

SESSION 4—It’s Not in Your Power, Yet You Are Vital

Principle 4: God has sovereignly placed you in this world at this time with the abilities and gifts you have to bring glory to him and show the joy of the gospel to others.

SESSION 5—Ignition and Transition: Conversation Starters and Signposts

Principle 5: Effective evangelistic conversations connect the unchanging gospel with the specific issues people face.

SESSION 6—Let Them Help You: Start with Them and They Will Point to the Gospel

Principle 6: Expect people to be open to the gospel, and learn to share Jesus where they live.

SESSION 7—Talk, but with More than Words

Principle 7: Talk to the actual person in front of you about the Jesus inside you; let them see and hear the change Jesus makes in you.

SESSION 8—Make Friends, Not Visits: Developing a Plan

Principle 8: Developing a lifestyle of sharing Jesus consistently flows out of a plan to share Jesus regularly.